Local Voices: Peres Leadership Program impresses teen

During the days leading up to my fourth birthday, I had a life-changing epiphany: I really liked receiving mail. I began to view the mailbox as a treasure chest, which led to riveting treasure hunts that involved going on a quest from the top of my driveway to the mailbox — as soon as I arrived home from preschool — to dig through stacks of papers and envelopes for potentially important mail addressed to me.

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Palm Beach Synagogue hosts first ‘Mega Challah Bake’ for children

Bread this good makes you want to challah. OK, our apologies for the pun. About 100 children visited the Palm Beach Synagogue Sunday to make bread during the synagogue’s first “Mini Mega Challah Bake.”
The event is the brainchild of Dinie Scheiner, wife of Rabbi Moshe Scheiner.

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