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Palm Beach Synagogue


Palm Beach Synagogue is a community oriented Modern Orthodox synagogue welcoming Jews of all ages, backgrounds and levels of observance. This very active synagogue, under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Moshe Scheiner, offers daily morning minyan, daily afternoon/evening minyan, weekly Shabbat services, and a full spectrum of educational programs for children, teens, and adults.

The synagogue offers unique programs tailored for holidays and celebrations, women’s chodesh group, youth activities, lectures/special events, and more. The synagogue is located in Palm Beach, two blocks north of the Breakers and within one and two blocks of the Bradley House and the Palm Beach Hotel, respectively.​

A special welcome from Rabbi Moshe E. Scheiner


Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman
Shabbat, November 27-28
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Topic - Shabbat with the Natives in Fiji
Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman is on the Bible faculty at Bar-Ilan University and a Resident Scholar at the Herzl Institute. His books include Created Equal: How the Bible Broke With Ancient Political Thought and The Temple: Its Symbolism and Meaning. His articles on contemporary issues have appeared in Tradition, Judaism and Mosaic, among other publications. Berman is an ordained Orthodox rabbi. He received a BA in Religion from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Bible from Bar-Ilan University.
The Herzl Institute aims to contribute to a revitalization of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the family of nations through a renewed encounter with the foundational ideas of Judaism.

Thanksgiving at PBS

Sun, 29 November 2015 17 Kislev 5776