Program Policies and Safety Procedures

Please assist us with keeping our school safe by adhering to these important safety procedures.
1. Drop-off/ Pick-up - Please use the back door, our only point of entry/exit to the Synagogue building, all other doors including the front door will be locked. Due to fire safety all doors are open to exit, please do not use any other door other than the back door to exit the building. The security guard will be stationed at the back door.
2. Sign-in / Sign-out - Parents are required to sign in their child/ren upon arrival and out at dismissal. There will be a designated sign in/out teacher at the door, please escort your child to the door and sign your child in at drop off and sign out at dismissal.
3. Dismissal - Your child will only be released to parents, guardians and authorized “pick up persons” indicated on the Registration Form.
Additions or changes to the Authorized Pick Up Persons list must be made in writing via email or note to Morah Dinie prior to dismissal.
4. Food Allergies / Special Diets - We recognize that food allergies can cause serious life threatening conditions to some children. To keep all children safe, PBS Hebrew School aims to eliminate all foods that have been determined to cause allergic reactions in children. We strive to keep our classrooms nut free. If applicable, please fill out the Allergy Form so we can continue to pay special attention to those children who are allergic. If your child eats a special diet please send a lunch box with Kosher food, we serve an elaborate lunch and feel that it is important for all of our students to enjoy lunch time equally.
5. Fire / Safety Drills - Teachers will be trained in the event of (G-d forbid ) an emergency, a fire drill will be practiced with the students quarterly.
Sun, December 17 2017 29 Kislev 5778