Hebrew School

The Hebrew School is a dynamic after-school program for Jewish education. This School enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter in creative and hands-on Jewish educational programming and Hebrew language instruction for children in pre-K through grade 7. PBS is especially proud of the dynamic staff and the inclusiveness of our student body, with children from various private and public schools, and with varying backgrounds and affiliations. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. William Langfan, the students now enjoy weekly computer classes that support the school’s impressive curriculum. In addition, the students enjoy a monthly rotation of a variety of Fun Shops, which include culinary arts, fine arts, specialty games, innovative crafts and music. Sunday morning classes focus on Hebrew reading, Judaic studies, holidays, history, culture, current events, contemporary issues, mitzvot and Israel.


Fri, June 23 2017 29 Sivan 5777